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Hosting a Cookie Exchange

how to host cookie swap

This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun between celebrating birthdays and holiday parties.
Yesterday my lovely friend hosted her annual cookie exchange which is truly a sight to behold! Thirty-four ladies brought 6 dozen cookies a piece resulting in over 2,448 cookies! I asked Dana to share a few tips for hosting a cookie exchange which she did gladly and when I posted some photos via Instagram yesterday, a few people asked exactly how the exchange worked. I'm sure there are many ways to conquer this but here's how Dana hosts her exchange.

- The invitation instructed guests to bring a certain amount of homemade cookies. This number really depends on the amount of guests that RSVP and can change as the party approaches. For Dana's party, she had 34 guests and we each brought 6 dozen cookies.

- Once we arrive, we display our cookies on one of her dining tables. Each guest is responsible for bringing recipe cards to share as well as their own display plate. No cookie nibbling allowed at this point!! We go mingle, enjoy appetizers and some bubbly. She also awards her prizes at this time.

- After awards, each guest grabs a bakery box (supplied by the hostess) and gets in line for cookies. There's usually some quick math done by the hostess before we begin the assembly line and she instructs each guest how many of each cookie to grab depending on the final amount of attendees. (For Dana's party there were 34 guests who each brought 72 cookies so we grabbed 2 of each type of cookie and ultimately went home with 6 dozen cookies of a nice variety.) 

This is Dana and I...just love her to pieces! Our boys started preschool together five years ago and are still close friends. When I met her I didn't even know what a play date was...I'm not joking. She saved me and helped me navigate my first year as a preschool mom.

cookie swap

cookie swap

Cookies for days and days! Obviously going home with six dozen cookies is a lot to consume single handedly but luckily they're widely accepted and appreciated by coworkers, neighbors and teachers. Looking for a great recipe to bring to your own cookie swap? Try this list of favorite cookies. If you're wondering what I brought to share, I took my trusted road trip cookies. They're sturdy, travel well and are absolutely delicious.

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  1. You gave some great advice! I'm hosting a cookie exchange this weekend.