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10 sanity savers for the school year

So a few weeks ago I asked your advice on homework routines because we were struggling to find our groove. I'm happy to say that we're slowly getting there. However, as I assessed our daily schedules, I realized there were tons of little things we can do to help keep us on track throughout the day. I decided to write them down and share them with you in hopes of keeping myself accountable.

1. Program my coffee the night before - My motivation to get out of bed. I gotta have it. Period.

2. Household Binder - I started this last year and it's been so helpful keeping track of life in general. Jenn, of I Heart Organizing, has tons of ideas and free printables to get you started. I love her site in general for organizing ideas.

3. Portable homework caddy - If Luke wants to do homework in kitchen with me while I cook dinner, his supplies are portable and all in one handy place. And we only keep the bare necessities in there to keep it from getting cluttered. (see above)

4. Lay out clothes AND shoes the night before - I know this seems obvious but it's something I really need to execute more. And the shoes!!! What is it with boys not putting their shoes away?

5. Use timers and make it fun - Whenever we're crunched for time, whether it's cleaning our rooms or doing our morning bathroom routines, setting timers and beating the clock is always a fun way to stay on schedule.

6. Weekly menu planning - Again, something that seems so obvious but something I really want to do more often. Maybe I'll have to start sharing with y'all to keep me on top of it!

7. Prep dinner during school hours - This is such a lifesaver! Anything that can be done while the boys are in school keeps me sane at dinnertime. It tends to be the most hectic time of day, don't you agree?

8. Strategic volunteering - Slap me for being selfish but I refer to call it strategic. I try to avoid volunteering in the schools around the kids birthdays and Christmas time. Those times of year just seem to really get hectic for our family. Figure out your busy times of year and plan accordingly.

9. Prewash and cut fruit for after school snacks - My kids are starving when they get home from school so doing this ahead of time keeps healthy options at hand. It's also helpful when packing lunches in the morning.

10. Find some time for peace and quiet - Seek out some time to yourself to slow down and reflect. I've been practicing yoga for the past 10 years now. But six years ago I began practicing in a studio with a very special group of people and that time together is truly the highlight of my week.

How do y'all stay sane during the school year? Share your tips and strategies below!

*Thank you to Palomino for asking us to review the Blackwing pencils pictured above.  These pencils are the Cadillac of pencils and Luke and I have been hoarding them as such! They make homework time and list making a lot more enjoyable with their smooth tip and sleek design. All opinions are my own. 

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