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The perfect thank you note

I recently sat down to write a stack of thank you notes and was reminded that there's truly an art to the process. I admit there have been times when I've quickly jotted down a quick note and tossed it into the mail just to check it off my to-do list. Guilty! Of course something is better than nothing but a little heart goes a long way when it comes to a hand written note. Here are a few tips for crafting the perfect thank you note.

  • Enjoy the process - Start with a clean surface, invest in some swanky stationary, light a candle, brew a cup of tea, use your favorite pen, place a small vase with fresh flowers nearby. You get the idea. Make it enjoyable.
  • Practice your penmanship - The world of technology and social media rarely allows us the opportunity to sit down and write. Take your time and use your best penmanship. The recipient will notice and appreciate it!
  • Personalize the content - A simple thank you is okay but be sure to add a few specifics. Did you receive a sparkly new vase? Express your excitement to see your favorite rose in it. Did a friend help you complete a daunting task? Thank them for their specific contributions. Short and sweet with a dash of personal acknowledgment goes a long way.
  • Make a good first impression - Don't neglect the outside of the envelope. Keep a variety of pretty stamps on hand and always hand address the note. The importance of making a good first impression also applies to thank you notes.
  • Be spontaneous - Surprise someone special just because. Getting snail mail that's filled with sweet sentiments is pretty awesome. Thank someone for simply making your life brighter, easier, happier. 
*photo by Amy Mikkelsen 


  1. I love sending snail-mail - I try to send all my friends a real birthday card in the mail. A little something extra that a facebook post ;)

    1. My younger sister is also good at mailing cards. It's so thoughtful and wish I were better at it.

  2. Great list! There is an art to letter writing.