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Wee Readers: Stuart Little

So remember when the boys and I had our first book celebration after reading Charlotte's Web together last summer? Well, shortly after, we completed Stuart Little by E.B. White and we finally got around to celebrating last week.  Obviously we read a lot in our house on a daily basis but my intention for these parties is to make them similar to a children's book club and keep our focus on literary classics and chapter books. As an English major, introducing these stories to the boys is such a thrill!

They recently watched the Stuart Little film so it was a good time to revisit the friendship of Stuart and Margalo as well as Stuart's adventurous and determined personality. Luke also reminded me that we never had our Stuart Little book party so I got on it in a flash!

I admit we didn't love the story near as much as Charlotte's Web and the ending kinda left us wondering, "That's it? Where's the rest of the story?" Nevertheless, we still enjoyed Stuart's mature and thoughtful outlook on life as well as his adventures in little sailboats and fast blue cars.
For our "book club party" I surprised the boys with cheese sandwiches because what mouse doesn't like cheese? 

root beer cheese sandwiches

vintage root beer

And as a tribute to Stuart's sailing adventure, these blue Jello cups with whipped cream and a peach sailboat were a huge hit with the boys.

We also enjoyed root beer which was the closest thing I could come to sarsaparilla which Stuart Little orders while passing through "the loveliest of towns."

It was Luke's first time trying root beer and I think he was more excited about the striped straw and vintage bottle than the actual drink. 

As for the rest of the summer, we're making our way through our summer reading list for 1st grade and are almost finished with The Adventures of Robin Hood  .  How about you?  Did your kiddos come home with a summer reading list?  I'd also love to hear your suggestions for our next book !


  1. We are really enjoying "Pollyanna" and her "glad game". It's a condensed version that I bought from the $1 Target bin (I always try to scoop us the classics when they have them).

  2. So many cute ideas! You're too clever!

  3. I love it, what a fun event! The string on the bottles is such a lovely detail.

  4. That is still one of my favorite books.

  5. So cute! Loved the cheese bread ;)