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Meet me in the Garden: Master Gardener Tour

I hope everyone enjoyed Mothers Day weekend!  The majority of mine was spent at home just doing normal mom stuff like laundry and playing outside with the boys.  But my sister and I did slip away for a few hours to the Master Gardner's Tour of Cobb County for some real peace and quiet.  We considered it a Mothers Day gift to ourselves and it was truly a spectacular experience to tour these amazing gardens!  We only made it to four of the six gardens since I had to rush off to a t-ball game, but I certainly didn't feel short changed.  The first stop was a community garden that was adjacent to an elementary school.  Several families work alongside the school to bring the community together via gardening.

Other than the community outreach of this project, my favorite thing about this garden were the unique sculptors in the space.  One gardener collects and paints old hubcaps, transforming them into cute garden flowers.  How precious are they?

 This piece was an eye catcher and a conversation starter!   

And this recycled and painted crib piece is perfect for climbing veggies like peas and beans!

The other gardens were personal homes.  I took a ton of pictures but here are some of the highlights.  Hoping this will provide some inspiration for any of you who like to dig in the dirt too.

Climbing roses on arch, looking over a bird bath.

Enormous rhododendron....

 A precious little lilly pond...

I failed to get the name of this one but it was gorgeous!

 Creative garden containers...

I think this is a type of poppy. Does anyone else know for sure?

A very mature Lady Banks Rose over a garden entry way...

This shed was built on a sink hole using stilts!

A plant named 'Sweet Tea' ... be still my heart!

More lovely arches and my pretty sister..

Rhododendron bud...

Little pathways with delicate ground covers...

Foxglove.  The belle of the ball! 

Iris and more dainty ground cover...

Peony. Always lovely!

A tree named 'Belle of Georgia Peach.'  I think I need one, don't you?

 There was lots of wild Mahonia, a very interesting plant with vivid colors and unique blue seeds.

 White shasta daisy as far as the eye could see!

And more fields of flowers inter planted.... I love the wild and carefree look of this!

I hope y'all enjoyed the photos!  Are you ready to start planting? A garden is a labor of love but it's one that gives back tenfold.  Hoping to post some photos of my own garden later this month. Share your own garden tips or favorite flowers below in the comments if you wish!

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