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Life at its Finest

In case you haven't heard, school's out for summer!!! When Luke transitioned from preschool to "real" school last fall, no one warned me about May...the end of the year.  ( I can see you seasoned moms nodding your head.  You know what I'm talking about.) The past month has been unreal.  One blogger (I forget who) referred to the month of May as "the mom olympics" and it's the truth!  Award ceremonies, music programs, field days, birthday parties and end of the year parties crammed into a two week time period that seriously spent my head spinning.  Nevertheless, we made it and I couldn't be prouder of my little graduate.  Here's a few snapshots of life lately and I look forward to resuming my normal blog schedule soon.  Hope y'all are well and preparing for the lazier days of summer too.

My little graduate who also happens to be loosing teeth on a daily basis!

Baseball was also a huge time commitment for the family this spring.  Lots of fun but exhausting too.

We celebrated our best friend's daughter turning two.  How cute are these bee cookies?

And these precious honey bears for the guests!

My niece turned nine and opted for a camping party with six friends spending the night. My sister is really brave.

And pretty hilarious when it comes to potato sack racing too... I hope she doesn't kill me for sharing this picture.  It's pretty awesome.  The boys had a blast.

Despite the chaos and busy schedule we're still trying to savor the little things like tiny little flowers.

And my pretty purple iris outside of my kitchen window.

Enjoy your weekend fellow peaches and have a very safe Memorial Day!  


  1. Congrats to the graduate. Baseball is a time consuming that is for sure my middle nephew was playing this year and I spent a couple nights a week at the ball field helping entertain his little brother

    1. I feel like I spent half the season chasing Jett versus watching Luke play! You are such an awesome aunt for helping chase little one around. That's a full time job in itself :)