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Little Miss Swims

one piece girls swimsuits
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I know you're probably wondering why I'm sharing little girl suits since I have two boys but's so much more fun to shop for the girls! Luke had his first swim lesson last week and I ended up frantically searching for a swimsuit that still fit him.  Luckily I stumbled on one I had picked up at the end of the season and urgently ordered a few pair of trunks from Lands End this weekend.  While shopping online, my eye couldn't help but wonder to these adorable little pieces for the girls.  I do have lots of nieces so I always keep them in mind too!  And these mini caftans here and here...I want them for myself!  A girl can never have too many.

PS:  Don't forget to enter to win the Southern Living cookbook, "Feel Good Food."  The recipes are great and the photography is super fun.  I'll pick a winner today at noon!

Good Luck!

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