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Life at its finest

I thought I'd share a little bit of my life with y'all today.  I like the simple beauty in the everyday.  Luckily Instagram is there to help me capture it.  I'm at yoursouthernpeach if you want to see more!

What I've been doing:  Trying new recipes and watching Downton Abbey.  I admit my blogging time has been overcome by my latest obsession but no worries, I'm almost done with season 3.  I know my fellow DA fans will understand.

 What I've been eating:  Grapefruit and banana pancakes.  One cancels out the other, right?

 What we're discovering:  Moss in the backyard and signs of spring.

Brotherly love:  These two guys are my world.  They have their ups and downs but for the most part, they're best of friends.

What the boys are snacking on:  It's all in the presentation!

What I've been wearing:  Curls and bright accessories.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Instagram for your airbrushing qualities!

Happy weekending my friends!  Hope it's a great one for you.  Next Friday I will resume my weekend cheers column with delicious cocktails created and photographed by yours truly.


  1. So cute the snacks. What lipstick are you wearing? The color is perfect. Great necklace too

  2. @tpatters5 thank you! The lipstick is smashbox Razzle. It's a great gloss!

  3. I love this post-
    its concise but so informative and very fun!
    Cute blog!

  4. I love your necklace! What a fantastic pop of color! :)
    And I feel you on that DA obsession--I just got on the bandwagon and finished season 3 and and now I'm working my way through 1 & 2. Obsessed!


  5. I have to start watching Downton Abbey...I feel like I'm missing out on some awesomeness.