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Domestic Delights: Best Eye Makeup Remover

best eye makeup ever vaseline

Who doesn't love a good home remedy?  Don't you admire those women who have one for everything?  Stains, repairs, beauty tips and kitchen basics.  Well, I've decided to highlight some of my favorite "Domestic Delights" here on the blog for my own safekeeping and to hopefully pick up a few from y'all too.  (I think there's a domestic goddess waiting to be unleashed in all of us!)

Today's domestic delight is an oldie but a goodie.  I've used Vaseline to remove my eye makeup since I was a teenager and nothing compares.  Simply place a pea size amount on a cotton pad and wipe across your eyelids.   Be sure to include the under eye area too.   Vaseline leaves the area around your eyes soft and moisturized.  It's also a great eyelash conditioner and super affordable.  For sanity reasons and ease of use, I prefer Vaseline in the tube.  Simplicity at its finest!


  1. Love the idea of adding "Domestic Delights" category to your blog. Totally agree with you re: Vaseline as the best eye makeup remover! I've been using it for a long time, but thanks for the tip for getting the tube.

  2. I have always heard this tip but never tried it or anyone who has. Now I feel better trying when I run out of what I already have on hand.