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Meet me in the garden: Plant now





Oriental Lily

It's hard to think about spring blooms right now when garden mums are being sold everywhere in mass quantities. (Yes Home Depot, I'm talking to you!) But the more I garden, the more I learn that I have to anticipate the future.

Sure, I love a gorgeous mum as much as the next girl and can never resist potting a few for the front porch but now is the time to focus my attention on spring blooming bulbs and shrubs that need to get into the ground before winter arrives.  Here are five of my favorite spring blooming bulbs that I can plant now and enjoy later!  After a long winter, there's nothing that makes me happier than little tips of green peeking up in the garden come springtime.

* photo credit: allium, daffodil

* other flower photos are from my yard

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  1. this is something i always want to do and forget! it's the best thing in the world to have those little beauties poke their heads out in march. thanks for the motivation girlfriend!