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Life at its Finest

A few snapshots from the week...

Chocolate mint growing on the back deck.  It smells extremely yummy and I can't wait to experiment in the kitchen with it.  Maybe in a smoothie of some kind?

More herbs growing out back.  Cilantro, parsley and basil.

One stop shopping at Swoozies.  I love that place.  If you're ever feeling down and out just take a visit to Swoozies.  It will put you in a good mood every time.  And it's cheaper than Tiffany.

I took full advantage of strawberry season and made about a hundred of these babies for teacher appreciation.  I snagged a few for myself too. Not gonna lie.  Is there any better way to eat a strawberry?

Wishing all of you marvelous moms out there and very happy Mother's Day!  Celebrate and live happy.


  1. I was just in Swoozie's and have my eye on a few things there. And ooohhh...those strawberries. I want to make those!

  2. All the pictures are absolutely lovely and those berries look so good. xo