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Fresh Produce Style Post

Hi fellow peaches! Today I'm sharing a little style post with you featuring me and a lovely mint oxford from Fresh Produce.  They were kind enough to send me this spring classic in exchange for my best modeling pose.  I have a new admiration for fashion bloggers who do this on a more regular basis.  Very fun but not near as easy as it looks!

I paired the Golightly oxford with a tank, a seersucker skirt and my Sperry's for a day of errands.  It's a great piece for layering and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it this summer whether it's dressed up or down.  The quality of the shirt is quite exceptional too which means a lot to me.  

Fresh Produce also has a lot of summer clothes and simple dresses that are relaxed and easygoing which is just what the season's about, right?  I envision a lot of their pieces traveling well for vacation and being perfect for life at the beach.  And with shipping to over 200 countries, Fresh Produce can go just about anywhere. 

Thanks again to Fresh Produce for allowing me to collaborate with them.  I love my new summer oxford! 


  1. ohhh... look at you! Love that shirt! perfect for summer time!

  2. Looks great on you! Love your jewelry too!

    I am looking forward to seeing how your SF gardens are doing. We ( because we are in Michigan) are steadily getting them ready. They have been built, filed with " perfect soil, the grids and the vertical stuff have all been assembled. This weekend- planting!!

    A question- you have mentioned your love of yoga. If I am interested in starting yoga what helpful hints can you give me? Any type of class or style to start? How often?