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Cover me happy!

Well, it's officially summertime in our house! Last week got crazy busy with the end of school and some volunteering commitments.  I'm happy to say we're taking it easy today at home.  I'm giving the boys some extra TLC as they're both battling colds.  It's also my mom's birthday so I can't wait to give her a big hug tonight!

Last week we discussed self tanners and this week I'm sharing some sweet and very affordable (like less than $20 dollars affordable) coverups to kick off the season.  You can find them all online or at your local Target stores.  Now all I need is a sparkling pool and a smashing swimsuit!

Three cheers for summer vacation!

Coverups: Red. Multi. Purple. Turquoise. White. Orange 


  1. I really need to get a new cover up this year. I really love the last one in this post. xo

  2. A new coverup is on my wish list but I've yet to find time to go shopping for one. I love that turquoise chevron coverup though! And I especially love the price. Sold! thanks Amy :)

  3. I have the blue one and it's so cute!

  4. Color makes me happy...I love them all.

  5. All of the cover ups are cute!