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Stay Tuned...

I've been working hard behind the scenes here at YSP on an overdue makeover for the ol' blog.  I'm really, really excited about it and have enlisted the help of a graphic designer to make this happen!

I can't wait to unveil the new and improved look to y'all.  I created this inspiration board as a little sneak peek just for you!  My hopes is that the blog will continue to be a happy and inspiring place for all of us, myself included.

If you're new to the blog, (hi!) I've also updated the "About YSP" section for your reading pleasure.  Feel free to say hello anytime.  Thank you so much for your daily encouragement and love.

Stay tuned....

Your Southern Peach,


credits: outfit * pencils 


  1. Fun! I've done my own design so far, but am really wanting a new look and am going to need someone to do it for me...I barely have the time to write posts! Looking forward to the unveiling!

  2. :-) Ive been trying to do the same thing...a change is as good as a they say..x

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see it! When is it going "live"?