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Meet me at the Masters

Wheels Umbrella * Shoes * Tees * Bag * Jacket

Happy Monday fellow peaches! This week I'll be dishing up all things related to the Masters golf tournament which kicks off today with practice rounds.  The infamous tournament takes place on the picturesque course of Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia.  Have you been?

I've never had the privilege of visiting Augusta National or attend the Masters so this series is my little virtual escape.  My husband's been twice and each time I questioned him tirelessly about every detail about the tournament.  Okay, maybe not so much the actual tournament but more like the landscaping, the food,  the fashion, the security.  All those "non golf" details that I tend to get caught up with.  Don't get me wrong, I love golf, especially when I can watch it while napping horizontally on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon which really hasn't happened since I had kids now that I think about it. But I do look back on those days fondly.

Anyhow, the Masters is so much more than just a golf tournament, it's tradition and we southerners love our traditions!

Are you thinking of hosting a Masters party on Sunday?  Be sure to check out my recipe for Augusta National's pimento cheese sandwich.  My husband said it's pretty close and it certainly has my seal of approval!  I'll also be serving up some other Masters' refreshments and details this week so be sure to stop by again for more scoop on this lovely southern tradition.

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  1. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and LOVE it. I wish we were neighbors! I am planning a trip to Nashville in May with my husband( he has a conference there) and I keep looking at your style ideas. Any thoughs on packing for 6 days in Nashville, accessories, etc? We will be flying, staying at a nice place and doing a mix of business and nighttime and casual. ( leaving our three kids at home, which will be a first!!)
    Thanks for your blog. I am inspired by it! I love all your food related posts, yum!