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Life at its Finest

Ahhh, Friday.  Hello friend!  

My iris are finally beginning to bloom.  While everyone else's are fading, mine are still waiting patiently to put on a show.  Perhaps it's because I moved a lot of them last fall?

Yep, that's my soon to be garden.  Hubs assembled the boxes for me and I mixed and shoveled every last morsel of dirt into those babies.  16 cubic feet to exact.  I have the sore muscles to prove it too!  I'm using the All New Square Foot Gardening method so keeping fingers crossed it will be a success.

The boys dinner last night.  (Those are grapes, not olives.)

One of our favorite go-to breakfasts.  

Sometimes I feel completely out of my comfort zone parenting boys.  I wouldn't trade my guys for the world but I grew up on Barbies and hair bows.  I'm considering reading Wild Things.  Anyone read it before or have similar recommendations?  I think it's time I re-read this one too.  I'm a big fan.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


  1. What a fun post for me today. I have the Wild Things book on my nighstand right now as well as one called " How to tuck in a Superhero", seems you and I are on the same page!

    Also, as I read your post, I am literally in the parking lot at my oldest son's school, with my other 2 kids, my puppy and a bale of compressed peat moss, coarse vermiculite, and 3 ( not 5!) bags of assorted compost loaded in my car!

    Can you guess what my weekend project will be?

    Thanks again for your blog- I just love it!

  2. @Meg - We really are on the same page! Too bad we aren't neighbors. We could have some awesome veggie swaps. I look forward to seeing our gardens grow together even if it will be virtually.

    I'll be sure to look into "How to tuck in a Superhero" too. The title is really intriguing :)

    Enjoy your weekend and good luck with your soil mix.

    1. Before I jump into action, did you make the Perfect Mix? I am following the book but read that mixing it in a wheelbarrow was easier then on a tarp. Just curious how you did it? And if you are type A like me and followed it all exactly?:) We did SFG at our previous house but with the old book. I am excited to try the new method. Also- my brother made the sweetest 2x2 garden for his four year old- looked so cool next to the normal sized ones.

  3. @meg - I mixed mine on a tarp with a rock rake. Because I was mixing for two 4x4 beds the tarp just made more sense. I did try to follow the steps precisely since he says the secret is in the mix. Hope this helps!

    Love the idea of a mini garden. Maybe that'll be my next project!

  4. Um, you can come make breakfast for me any time! props to you for getting the boys to eat their fruit!

  5. Way to go with the garden. And you make those healthy meals look so wonderful

  6. Thanks for the book recommendation. I just downloaded to my Kindle. Been looking for something good for quite a while now...THANKS! And Love love loving the new design!