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Life at its Finest

How did another week fly by?  I think I need a vacation.  I'm at a point where I feel like I'm going 1,000 miles and hour and need to slow down.

I did find a few moments this week to capture some of the smaller moments.

Like this peony arrangement from my sister.  She's my green thumb muse!

And eating popsicles on the back deck with my favorite boys.

A lunchbox for Luke.  Yogurt, blueberry muffin, mini PB crackers, apple slices and caramel dip.  Oh, and an Easter KitKat.

I have a few iris blooming right now.  I love, love, love iris!!! I can't wait 'til the rest start to show off.

And a friend of mine who always knows how to brighten my day gave me these sweet little baby carrots fresh from her garden.  They were literally gifted in a bucket of dirt.  I spent some time cleaning them up appreciating every bump and curve of their homegrown goodness.

My little sis and youngest niece are coming in town today and I'm thrilled to be spending the weekend just hanging out with my mom and sisters.  We're all so close and I know I'll feel a lot more grounded after some quality family time.

If you're local in ATL and looking for something fun to do, go say hello to my friend Courtney from Pizzazzerie!  She's an entertaining expert and visiting ATL for her PushPops book signing tour.  I wish I could be there personally to give her a warm Georgia welcome but I'm sure she'll be in good hands.

Enjoy your weekend fellow peaches!


  1. It looks like another successful week. Even if it was busy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your visitors!

  2. We are leaving for Hilton Head next Saturday and I must say, the husband and I BOTH need it. Wish you could all join us! Hope you get your vacay soon! As always, thanks for the lovely Life At Its Finest!

    Your friend,