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Meet me in the Garden

Hi fellow peaches! I'm so excited to introduce a new series to you called, "Meet me in the Garden."  

I am definitely a beginning gardener.  Anything you see on this blog from my garden, you can certainly do too!  This series is intended to be motivating and I really hope that those of you with a green thumb will weigh in with your expertise too.  I know you're out there!  

I also love the idea of keeping dibs on my garden's transformation through the years.  However, you may see some "inspiration" photos in this series, just for good measure.  

Most of my experience is with flowers but I hope to take the plunge into vegetable gardening this year using the "New Square Foot Gardening " method.  Have any of you tried this?  If so, I'm all ears for tips and suggestions!  

Today I'm highlighting my tulips which just finished blooming. I planted them last fall in hopes of some bright spring color.  I simply threw the bulbs in with some potting soil using a simple bulb planter and wa-la!  My only regret is that I didn't plant more.

What's your favorite spring bloom?


  1. So excited for this series! Yay!

  2. Oooh, fun series! I love to garden, but am new to it, as well. Your tulips are gorgeous! I love hydrangeas :)

  3. I love tulips. I don't do any annuals but plant at the end of spring for the summer. I hope to learn some good tips!!

  4. Fun new series, I'm trying to turn my gardening thumb green as well.

  5. Tulips, make me happy!!! I love new series.

  6. How fun! I love tulips - well any flower really! Sadly I don't have space right now but someday I would love to have a garden!