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Life at its Finest

This week has been a sink or swim kinda week for me.  I have a lot of exciting things going on that I can't wait to share with y'all! I also registered my oldest, Luke, for kindergarten this week which did a number on me.  How is he going to elementary school already?  I also became an aunt again on Monday! My first nephew.  I always feel so privileged holding a newborn.  Just the thought of their little new soul astonishes me!  And in usual fashion, you can see I'm always playing with food.

Hope y'all have great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh - kindergarten! That's such a huge step!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week and that you keep posting these adorable dinner ideas. I can't wait until Jane is ready for me to employ them!!

  2. Congrats on becoming an aunt again! That's so special. Love the food ideas...I need to start pinning them for future reference! ;)
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Kindergarten - what a bittersweet moment I bet that was. I will be going through that process at the end of the year and will probably be manic.

    Congrats on your new nephew! xo