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Life at its Finest

My St. Patrick's Day celebrations used to consist of green beer.  Now it consists of green donuts.  

After months of contemplation, my husband finally took the plunge! I've yet to get my hands on it.

While hubs shopped for iPad accessories at Best Buy, the boys and I terrorized shoppers.

Sweet little moments on the front porch with this articulate guy.  They're pretty awesome.

Since no one in my house was gonna bake me cupcakes, I turned to my good friend Gigi and she did not disappoint.  Luke did serenade me with "Happy Birthday" in the middle of the store though.

Happy Weekend fellow peaches!


  1. Hi Amy! :) I love reading your blog and looking at your food photography. I want a cupcake like that! lol

  2. Download the game Where's My Water on the ipad - it's made for kids so your son will love it, but I am obsessed with it too! And it's only 99 cents!

  3. It looks like another great week and you need to get your hands on that iPad!! Your cupcake looks like heaven!!

  4. all those sweets are making me hungry!

  5. Wow that cupcake looks AMAZING and i"m so wanting to eat it right now lol. How fun you got an ipad. I'm on my laptop so much I can't justify it so we just update with iPhones instead =) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi earlier!

    - Sarah