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Life at its Finest

I know, I know.  I should have come up with a clever "green" post for you.  My mother-in-law even emailed me a recipe for a yummy Irish soda bread and I dropped the ball.  Next year, I promise.  I'll make it happen.

For now, you just have to take a glimpse at my everyday "Life at it's Finest."  Yes, it's a fine life but quite busy these days.  I've volunteered my time for a few things which is great...when you have a lot of spare time.  Don't worry.  I'll make it happen.  Anyone else out there thrive under pressure?

I love playing with food.  Can you tell?  This was one of Luke's afternoon snacks.  Gotta admit, I kinda wanted one too.

A homemade gift from a friend who I absolutely adore.  I love those special people that come into your life unexpectedly.  One of life's best surprises!

Post-its and the Notes app on my iPhone are the only thing keeping me afloat these days.

But I always find time to cook.  I experimented with some Meyer lemons this week.  You'll hear more about it in the future, I promise.

Happy St. Patrick's Day fellow peaches! I hope you're wearing the finest shade of green today.

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