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Life at its Finest

Luke's improving with his drawing skills and this is his latest version of a family adventure to the beach.

I look forward to doing this every Saturday.  A cup of coffee and the Off Duty section of the WSJ.

Of all the holiday candy out there, Brach's conversation hearts are hands down my favorite.  I love slipping them to my husband throughout the day and watching him smile.

A little something I put together for a baby shower.  I found the cute little wooden carrier at Marshall's.

Do you know how long this guy has been missing?  Finally found him under a chair cushion and despite being sat on for the past month, he's still smiling.

I hope y'all have a great weekend and join me next week for a week full of pink, red, hearts and love!


  1. That wood carrier for the shower gift is so so cute!

  2. Cute shower gift. Those are always my favorite things to get- like baskets with a variety of things stuffed in them

  3. I second that your gift is too precious. I like conversation hearts too though candy corn is my favorite holiday candy. Maybe I'll invent Valentine's day candy corn...