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Life at its finest

Happy Friday! 

In 2011 I began The Friday Five series which was wonderful fun but now I'm ready to change things up a bit.  I'd like to introduce you to my new Friday series titled, "Life at it's finest," brought to you via Instagram.  (Let's follow each other!  I kinda love it.  You can find me as yoursouthernpeach).  

"Life at its finest" looks a lot like this in my head but as you'll see through this series, my everyday life has a course of it's own.  (Hope you'll follow me on Pinterest too.  It's my part-time lover.)

I hope you like the new series and getting to know me a little better.   

My 8:00 AM wake up call while my back was turned making coffee.

Favorite date spot.  The peanut butter and chocolate swirled is divine.

French pastry from local bakery.  It threatened to haunt me if I didn't take it home with me.

Skinny cords, pink flats and 10 seconds of putting my feet up.

A $15 vintage find.  Scoooore!


  1. Love this new Friday idea!! I look forward to more in the weeks ahead :) Happy Friday!!!

  2. I love it too! Cant wait for Fridays!!

  3. What a fun idea! Loving those hot pink flats.

  4. I tried starting a "Lately" Blog Hop a while back that was the same concept--I did one post then kind of abandoned it; I still love the idea though! And oh my--that toilet paper! What a stinker, but how could you be made at that face?

    Also, love the flats!

  5. I love this new series! And my favorite ice cream is PB + chocolate! :) Following you on Instagram girl! :)