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Lego Birthday Party

Hi friends!  Thanks for saying hello during such a busy time of year.  Of course we're in full Christmas mode here but we took a moment this weekend to celebrate my son's upcoming fifth birthday.  In true boy fashion, he requested a Lego party, which I secretly love too!  We held the party at a local park where the kids played on the playground and toured an adjacent fire station.

Here's a few pics and some DIY ideas for any other moms out there who have a Lego lover.

The Lego party printables were purchased via this Etsy seller.  They turned out so cute and really made the Lego party a reality.  A few notes on the setup.  I used two wooden dowel rods to hold up the banner.   They fit perfectly into clay garden pots turned upside down.  I spray painted them to match the colors of the party.  

Another addition that I added myself was the Lego head banner around the table.  It was easy (and inexpensive) to make.  I simply folded some poster boards strips up accordion style, then drew and cut out the Lego heads. I taped about five of these together to make one long banner.

Inside each goodie bag was an oatmeal cookie and a small Lego set.  I bought this Lego fun party pack, which contains eight individually wrapped Lego sets.  I spray painted a cardboard box to hold the favors.

Food was snack type food, fruit, raisins, chips and muffins.  I also had coffee for the adults since it was a morning party.  I tried to keep the food in the red and yellow color scheme.

I love the way these giant Lego heads came out! I drew and cut out three Lego heads and taped them together to form a a triangular shape.  Then I stuck balloons inside.  I did fold the bottom "tab" of the Lego head in on the bottom so I could tape them to the table.  One thing to think about.   If you're planning a party like this, don't choose black as a table cover.  It looks too much like garbage bags.  It's the only thing I would do differently looking back.

These giant Lego blocks were also made simply by folding a piece of art grade poster board in half.  I then cut the Lego "dots" in the top and folded in the bottoms to make it stand up.  I also taped the bottom pieces together to secure them in place.

I used some of my printables to customize them with Luke's name. Easy!

 Homemade cupcakes.  Apparently I need some lessons in frosting but they were yummy nonetheless!

Cute water bottle wrappers. One side note when using these.  Be sure to somehow tape the label to the actual bottle or use the sticker labels, otherwise, when little hands grab the bottle, it can slide right out of the wrapper and create a spill.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.

We walked over to the adjacent fire station for a tour, which I scheduled about a month in advance through the county.  The kids absolutely loved it and the firemen were so great answering all their inquisitive questions.  My son asked why they didn't have a fire dog.  It made me smile.

Right at the end of the tour as I was taking a group photo the station got a call and had to rush out with sirens blaring.  It was quite the grand finale.  A big thank you to those guys for allowing the kids to get up close a personal and learn some fire safety too.  It was great fun.

I really, really had fun planning this party and seeing my son enjoy his special day.  He loves "his friends" at school and even stood up at the party like a big boy to thank everyone for coming.  Such a proud momma.  Hard to believe my little Christmas baby is almost five.


  1. Wow what a cute party! You did such an amazing job with everything. Never thought to spray paint a cardboard box--that looks so great! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Amy:

    Your party theme is so adorable...Your son is so cute. My nephew Zander would love this too!

    Also I am having a burlap handbag giveaway. Feel free to visit and enter if you wish!

    Coastal Cottage Dreams

  3. Oh, this brings back memories for me! Jackson had a Lego birthday party for his 5th birthday as well! And for his 4th, we did the fire house tour/park look like you were at Terrell Mill, right? Both were awesome, and he still has many fond memories of them. I love your creative Lego decor - especially the Lego heads!!!

    Happy Birthday to your big boy!!!!!!!

  4. The party looks great! Legos and fire station tour are such good ideas! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  5. Looks like a blast. My nephew had his third birthday party this weekend

  6. Wow! You did sucha great party. I'll have to incorporate some of your awesome ideas into my upcoming lego party!

  7. Awesome ideas! Are the printables available for your readers?

  8. @Danielle - sorry I bought the printables from a seller on Etsy and I'm sure you can find them or something similar if you search their site.