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Operation Christmas Child: National Collection Week


Hi there! I hope y'all enjoyed a gorgeous fall weekend and my doesn't it seem crazy that I'm already talking about Christmas?  I promise, it's for a great cause and I can assure you that I still have turkey on the brain.  (Along with apple pie and cornbread dressing too!)

I'm sure many of you participate or have at least heard of Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan's Purse organization.  You know, fill shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for needy children across the world?       It's a powerful and amazing organization that gives so much more than "gifts."  They spread the gift of kindness....of love.  If there is one thing children cannot get enough of, it is love!  

One of my main goals as a mother is to instill a sense of compassion for others in my children.  My older son and I began participating in OCC four years ago when he was just as wee thing but I must say this is the first year that it really seemed to click with him.  Instead of wanting to keep all the items for himself, he gladly helped hand select gifts as well as the gender and age group he wanted to give to.  (He choose a boy, age 10-14 years old.)  This activity is such a simple and fun way to expose your children to the joys of giving and also a great way to start the season!

Please know that this post is not meant to toot my horn but to simply spread the word about OCC's National Collection Week which begins today and ends Sunday November 21st.  I am also including some photos of what we packed in our box so that others may get some ideas if you choose to donate to Operation Christmas Child.

We found many items at our local dollar store and the dollar aisle at Target and Michael's.  We also scored a nice golf shirt for $1.98 at Target!  Of course we included some Lego's for our friend as all boys love Legos!  Other items include school supplies, art supplies, games, flashlight, toothbrush and candy.

If you want to be a part of Operation Christmas Child, please visit Samaritan's Purse website for drop off locations nearest you!


  1. Fabulous cause, Amy! Thank you for sharing!! The boys and I will certainly make a box!


  2. I love doing this! Growing up we always did one of these for a kid! I still do it if I have the funds! It's just a great way to bring holiday cheer to someone else!

  3. My family & I have been doing OCC shoeboxes since I was in Middle school. Jeff & I are dropping our boxes off at our church on Wednesday - I can't wait!

    Like you, My Mom wanted me to get personally involved in giving to children less fortunate. I know that your little boys will go on to continue this tradition as adults that you started with them, just like My Mom did. Kudos Amy!

    Last year more than 8 million children received Christmas boxes filled with love. That's just incredible. God bless OCC & Samaritan's Purse! And thank you Amy for spreading the word - what a beautiful post.