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Sunday Best

Untitled #69

Alice Olivia cap sleeve top
£225 -

Gucci patent leather high heels
$550 -

Victoria Beckham studded leather handbag
£1,850 -

Yves Saint Laurent gold tone jewelry
£460 -

Kate Spade hardware jewelry
$29 -

Vince Camuto enamel jewelry
$48 -

Dorothy Perkins snake buckle belt
£6 -


  1. Gorgeous! That penquin skirt is simply marvelous! Wishing I had a bankroll that matched my fashion aspirations! xoxo

  2. I love your Sunday Best posts--you have a serious eye for style, pretty lady! I host a weekly link-up called Friday's Fancies...even though you post your outfits on Sunday, you're more than welcome to link up! It's all about dreamy fashion...and you're great at that! I'd love to have you! xoxo {av}

  3. Love so much that shoes! so sexy! :D I'm following you! Hope you can do the same! Mary
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