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The Classic Cheese Plate

Have you seen this gorgeous image from The Sprouted Kitchen? I knew when I saw it on Pinterest that I had to make it happen here at home and I did last month, while hosting a "girls night in" and wine tasting.

perfect cheese plate

Here's my version which included a variety of cheeses as well as some simple apricot jam and fig paste by Rutherford and Meyer.  I also tried to vary the texture of the crackers for interest and included pistachios and grapes for extra yummies.  

easy cheese plate entertaining

This is a very elegant, yet easy appetizer that is such a crowd pleaser.  I mean really, who doesn't love cheese?  Wouldn't this be a great start to Thanksgiving day or a cozy treat to enjoy fireside on Christmas Eve?  I'm thinking of giving it a nice fall makeover by incorporating some cranberry relish and toasted walnuts.  What other flavors would you add to mix it up a bit?


  1. I love cheese and your tray looks fabulous! Great photo.

  2. Hi there! You've just combined my two favorite things: hosting a girls' night + cheese and wine.

    Your cheese plate looks fantastic! I'll definitely be using your creativity as inspiration for the next time I want to serve up a fab cheese plate. You did such a beautiful job!

    Thanks for sharing! Absolutely loving your blog!


  3. This is something I can do! I am notorious for being terrible in the kitchen. I knew I was going to love your blog!

  4. I've done the Ina Garten version of cheese plates several times always to rave reviews. It's such an elegant appetizer & a feast for the eyes. Your cheese plate looks perfect. Excellent choice for a wine tasting Amy!

    I always like to add some split figs. Guests can spread stilton blue cheese inside the figs for an amazing amuse bouche. Sort of a spin on the classic Devils on Horseback appetizer.

  5. Um,,where was my invite to this girls and cheese night? Love the platter. What are the balls in the original platter?

  6. Have you ever tried the rosemary triscuits? YUM! Especially with St. Andre cheese. I saw a really yummy goat cheese ball recipe in Family Circle last night - totally want to try that.

  7. The cheese tray looks fabulous! I also like figs, goat cheese, dried fruits, olives, etc with my cheese. This is a great appetizer for a crowd during the holidays. There are also cheeses with cranberries which are wonderful!

  8. I think I like your plate even better. I just posted about what to do with leftover cheese...great minds!