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Zara Online

Zara's been online for a few weeks now but I've yet to grab anything.  I think that may just have to change. 

How about you?  Are you a Zara fan?

*find them here


  1. Love Zara! I posted some items I ordered on my blog yesterday and I love them!! Good quality for reasonable prices!!

  2. Love Zara - just went shopping there (in the store, not online) on Sunday - love their dress pants!

  3. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    You know, the first time I *heard* of Zara, it was through a fashion guide in In Style magazine. But the first time I actually saw a store and shopped there was in Tokyo. They're fabulous stores! So colorful and multi-storied. I'd go at least once a month to purchase a frock. Their cardigans are superb, as are their dresses and skirts. The shoes are okay on your feet, I had to go up to the next size (that's just me, of course), but the bags are fab for the prices! It's so neat to see it online in the US. Thanks for sharing!



  4. I've heard of Zara but never remember to check out their online store. But those black booties are fabulous. I want them!! So cute - I'm definitely checking them out pronto. Cool post Amy!

  5. I think I completely take for granted that I work near a Zara. I loveeeee their shoes and hate they don't carry half sizes, I'm always in between!