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Fairy Godmother

This week will officially mark the end of summer and while I'll surely miss the simple pleasures of summer, I wholeheartedly welcome fall with open arms!

Something else I welcomed this past weekend was the role as godmother to my sweet niece, Ellie.  I was so very honored when my sister asked me to be godmother and only hope that I can be a good example and counselor to her throughout her spiritual journey.  When my own children were baptized, I was comforted in knowing that my husband and I would be raising our children with God's  help, as well as the guidance and love of the church and the godparents.  It truly does take a village to raise a child! 

 So I'm curious, how will you welcome fall this week?


  1. How precious is she? Totally precious! What an honor you received! Congrats!

  2. Those little baby shoes are to die for...and Congratulations on becoming a godmother!!

  3. Congratulations! I'm a God-mother too and it means the world to me. Love your Sunday Outfit post below. Can't wait for tall flat boots! It's a little cooler in NYC now but not quite tall boot weather just yet...