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A Change in the Weather

What happened here in Georgia while I was vacationing over Labor Day weekend?  When I left last Friday for the beach, it was warm and sunny and now I've returned to much cooler temps that have me scurrying to find some warmer clothes!

Weather has a funny way of toying with us humans, doesn't it?  While we enjoyed the time spent with family on our beach vacation, I could have done without the visit from Hurricane Lee.  I also could have done without the 24 hour stomach virus, 103.6 temperature and late night goose chase for an urgent care on a holiday weekend for this little guy.

I always say he loves to be the center of attention and he proved he would not be outdone by a measly hurricane!  He totally bounced back the next morning but I swear I gained a few more wrinkles.

Here's the view of the pool that we were able to use the first two days....thank God I brought the Legos!

We also found some other small pleasures to keep us busy....

And of course played around with the camera some too.  There may or may not have been champagne involved in this stunt.

I also gave into all the hype and am now halfway through this book.  Have any of you read it yet or seen the movie?  Thoughts...opinions?

I hope ya'll had a great weekend!


  1. I love the beach and I was wondering if how y'all were making it with Lee. I hate to hear that lil man got sick, there is nothing worse than a sick child.
    I haven't read The Help or seen the Movie yet but I have the book on my night stand and plan to start it next week with everything slowing down. Im loving this cooler weather right now!

  2. Poor little guy!! Glad to hear he's feeling better! And yes, this weather has thrown me for a loop. This morning was on 64 degrees outside. I couldn't believe it! HELLO FALL!!

  3. Wow, that sounds like some vacation, doll! So glad that precious little boy is doing better and glad y'all at least had a couple of days of big fun before Mother Nature stepped in. I'm LOVING these Fall temps, but hear it will be back to sweltering, miserable heat by the weekend. Sigh.

  4. Poor guy - hope he is feeling better. Oh my gosh I loved The Help! I thought the book was fantastic and the movie was really good too. Enjoy!