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Precious Visits

Hi there friends! I'm writing this post at the stroke of midnight with the most tired eyes so forgive me if it's short and sweet.

I have been so busy that I've barely had time to breathe much less blog.  It's been a good kinda busy though.  I've been spending every moment with my sister and niece who flew into Atlanta on Saturday and we've been doing a whirlwind of family events to show off her pretty little face.  

Coincidentally, my best friend from high school is also in town with her family which is always a treat. Since she moved Mexico several years ago, my visits with her are few but precious.  It's so true that great friends don't skip a beat despite the distance.  Here's all our kids together, along with two of my nieces.  Yes, we had NINE children under one roof on Monday.  (Four are hers, two mine, two my older sisters and one my younger sisters.  The infants were not in this photo.)  They are all such great kids!

Here's Mel and I with her fourth and newest addition.  She's one of those moms who makes motherhood look easy!   

 I hope ya'll are enjoying your week.  I can't believe school is beginning for so many of you and that summer break is coming to an end.  

Savor those moments and may the lazy days of summer linger just a bit longer!

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