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Eat. Love. Play.

As of today, school is officially back in session here in GA and I'm left wondering, "What did we DO all summer?"  Of course, my kids watched too much TV and we indulged in more than one PJ day but that didn't stop us from doing some of very favorite things together.




My little guys have one week left until preschool begins and I'm gonna savor every moment with them. Tomorrow, we're headed here again by special request.  Twist my arm.


  1. Awwww, such sweet pictures. Looks like they've had a blast this summer. Hope y'all enjoy your last week of summer together - have an onion ring for me ;)

  2. My girls start to school Friday and it seems like we are just starting summer where did it go? Love your pictures. Sweet moments!

  3. What a sweet summer with such precious boys! It's hard to believe school is back in full swing but I'm so looking forward to the cooler temps. Thank you for your supportive words about my little one's school situation. I find that I'm excited now for the new chapter. xo