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Comfort Zone


My friends, can I talk about the irony or motherhood for just a moment?

We love our children so much and want nothing more than for them to feel completely loved and grow up to be confident, compassionate and thriving adults.  But I've come to a bump in my motherhood journey where I'm struggling with keeping my kids in their comfort zones versus pushing them a bit outside of it in hopes to build their confidence and allow them to grow even more.

Even though my little ones are still very young and I know this is only the tip of the iceberg of "letting go," it's tearing me up a bit inside.  Between Luke starting his last year of preschool before kindergarten, Jett attending his first year of preschool and organized sports (whoa, I had no idea how competitive T-Ball could be), I feel like I just wanna grab my little sweethearts, bring them back to the nest and never, ever let them go.

But I know I can't.  

As much as I worry about them being outside of their comfort zone, I remind myself how resilient children are and how absolutely curious they are about life in general.  I wonder if maybe it's just me that's out of my comfort zone.  How quickly they grow and how quickly we, as mothers, must allow them to fly.


  1. oh girl. i can only imagine what you are starting to feel and like you said, it probably is just the tip of the iceberg. i remember my mom making me try new things and being miserable but ultimately thankful because it made me who i am. it's awesome to expose them to new things, that way they develop interests. so cool to watch your kids find their way, as terrifying as it may be. you're in my thoughts mama. they are two lucky little ones to have you!

  2. Though I'm not yet a mama, this sounds very normal to me! It is so hard to let go, but so important to! I'm sure your kiddos will do great!

  3. I let my kid out of the comfort zone and you see what happened to him. If you havent, there is a picture on FB of his monster black eye...not good.

  4. I can so relate to this post. Last night my my 3 year old told he it was time for me to have his blanket now and as he walked away after giving it to I started to cry because he was growing up right under my eyes and it is just way to fast for me. Thankfully in about 20 minutes he changed his mind!
    Motherhood is rewarding and happy but the time when it comes to let go a little is just saddening!

  5. Oh, know I sympathize! And I found strength in the advice you gave me so I'm going to repay you in kind...they can not grow and learn unless they get out there and experience the good and the bad. They will be that much stronger for it (and us, too!). xo

  6. I definitely found over the years, my daughter would begin a new phase of growing, and I would be the one who had to race to catch up with the next cycle, as I had only begun to feel comfortable in the previous cycle of growing! You definitely learn alongside with them. I also found, after 12 years of teaching & sharing as much as I know about life, every year after 12, she would take a tiny step away from me, until finally in the late teens they have become independant & strong. So try not to be sad about, they will always need you to guide them, but to hold them back (which I have been guilty of at times) only stops them from developing into confident young people. The other advice I have, even though at 10 or 11 it might seem too young, talk to them about dating & sex at that age, as by 13 they don't want to listen, but at the younger age, they are still open to your advice. I was so glad I started those conversations early, as by the teens, they tend to tune you out.