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Silly String: Fun since 1972

Hi there! See these sweet faces, my gorgeous nieces and handsome boys?  This is who I celebrated the holidays with this past weekend.  They look pretty harmless, right?  

Well give them some cans of Silly String and the gloves come off.  Even my precious baby fell victim to attack!

And when the parents get involved and start forming alliances, that's when families are divided. 

And father's turn against their daughters.... (haha!)

Hope you had a happy 4th with your own loved ones.  My little "firecrackers" sure enjoyed themselves!


  1. so cute! looks like you had a blast :) i haven't seen silly string in forever!!

    xx sharon / lemonontherocks

  2. Yes, at the munchkins ages we had to find an alternative to the fireworks show...silly string definitely did the trick!

  3. Every Christmas my Grandmother puts silly string in our stockings {all of the grandkids are officially over 21}. To this day, we still have a post-lunch silly string fight. Ah, the joys of acting like a kid! Glad y'all enjoyed the holiday weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh, gorgeous pics Amy. You have a beautiful family, doll. And the last set of your two boys is hilarious! Love their cute facial expressions :)

  5. Mags-It really does make you feel like a kid again. I hope the boys will still indulge us when they're in their 20's :)
    Ally-Thanks for the sweet compliments on the photos. I love capturing them at their best!

  6. Oh my gosh could your family be any more adorable!? Seriously those little ones are just beyond cute!! (And you look beautiful as always!)