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Marital Bliss

I met my husband 17 years ago and coincidentally I was just 17.  Today, we've been married for eight years.

Coincidentally, we also met while dancing.  Weird.

I dont' want to give you the impression that it's been all rosy since the moment we met because in the words of the priest that led our premarital counseling, watched us both shed an exorbitant amount of tears and eventually married us, "If you went through all of that and you still want to marry each other, I cannot deny you my blessing."  (Insert sigh of relief.)

Without boring you with details, I will tell you that my husband and I agree that we both fell in love at first sight.  We both just knew from the moment we met that we would marry one day, even at the young ages of 17 and 19.  It only took us nine years to eventually walk down the aisle!

Are we a perfect couple?  Absolutely not.  

But the one thing we have learned in our short eight years of marriage and seventeen years of loving each other is that love is not about perfection.  Not one bit.  It is more about the imperfections and learning to love one another unconditionally.  

Acknowledge your own imperfections. (Lord knows we all have plenty of them!)  Accept your spouse's imperfections.  Pray for one another.  Live happily ever after.  There's my eight year anniversary advice in a nutshell.  

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and congratulations.  We're staying close to home tonight and hitting up our favorite local date spot for a casual dinner.

Now if I could only have that seventeen year old body back....


  1. Congrats!! Enjoy the date night!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! And may you celebrate many, many, many, more.

    Don't know if you realize the similarities between us...W and I also have been together since I was 17 and he was 18. We dated 8 wonderful years before marrying. But of course, we're about 10 years older, so we've been together 27 years(!) And from our spot of being married for 19 years, I would say that your anniversary advice rings very, very true.

    And yep, I would like my 17 year old body back too ;)

  3. Aaaaaannnd bookmarked. Thanks for the great advice Amy. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Amen to that sister! I would take my body at any age before children! Great advice. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Love this post, YSP! Our marriage was tested by fertility treatments and ultimatley adoption. Those can test a marriage! One thing we both know is that marriage is made up of compromising and great communication!
    We are happy and looking forward to more wonderful yearls together.
    Happy Anniversary.