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Gallery Wall

It's no secret that I love photography and if you visit my home, you will find little photos scattered in every nook and cranny imaginable. I've been dreaming of a gallery wall for a while now because I love their clutter-free look and they make dusting much, much easier.  Because, you know...I dust... a lot.

To be honest, I purchased a group of frames about three months ago and sat them in a corner of my dining room to be hung "at a later time."  I've been somewhat intimidated to actually commit to the project for fear that my walls would end up looking like a shooting range target but after reading her post  a few days ago on tackling the project, I decided it was far past time to get this done.  And I'm pleased to say this project is no longer on my to-do list!  

Before I reveal my final results, here are a few of my thoughts when creating your own unique gallery wall.  After choosing your feature wall, decide whether your grouping will have an eclectic feel....


Or a more symmetrical look?


Next, decide how high and wide you want your display.  In my case, I knew I wanted my arrangement to be no wider than my console and no higher than 48" from the top of the console.  Then start to play with your frames within those measurements.  I did mine on the floor right in front of the console that was anchoring my gallery.

After you decide on your final arrangement, you may want to photograph it as a reference during hanging.

Your finally ready to place the arrangement on the wall!  This is where the left side of my brain so frequently loses to the right side of my brain.  I did not arrange paper templates on the wall like most sane people choose to do and how this tutorial so wonderfully explains,  instead, I winged it and referenced my photograph throughout the process.  That's me in a nutshell.  

Here's the final outcome which I absolutely love!  I still need to fill the frames with my photos and touch up a few spots on the wall left from the previous piece of wall decor but overall very, very pleased.

How was your weekend? Did you tackle any DIY projects or cross something big off your long to-do list? 


  1. Oh i love it Amy! The images you chose are beautiful, but those frames make them pop. That really looks fantastic, like right out of a magazine. I've been thinking of doing something similar with some antique plates in my sitting room off the kitchen. Thanks for the how-to links and motivation! :)

  2. I love what you've done here!! Can't wait to see the photos you use!

  3. Your gallery wall turned out great! I love the matching frames in different sizes, it helps it remain cohesive.

  4. That looks great! I always think of the show Brothers and Sisters and their stairs when I think of gallery walls! I love that piece of furniture you had under it too!

  5. That looks just like my house in a 'that-looks-nothing-like-my-house' kinda way! How good are tulips?! very good!
    Miss T xx