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The Friday Five


harajuku mini
this voice!
my favorite bar
pucker up
going to the chapel


  1. Harajuku Mini? Love it! Is there anything that talented woman can't do?

    Thanks for linking to my lemonade. We ran out before Mr. Blue Eyed Yonder could haver any. I think that means I'll be making some more in the near futrue. So yummy!

  2. I don'thave kids yet, but even i can't wait to see Gwen Stefani's new Harajuku Mini line. I love her Lamb looks.

    Love Cliff bars! Have you had the Mountain Mix bar? Lord have mercy - all of them are good, but that one's a fave around our house. Larabars are really good too. Now i'm hungry...

    And i love the thought of basil in lemonade instead of mint. Brilliant idea! Sounds delicious.