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Rachel Zoe: Resort 2012

There's been some buzz about the upcoming season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project on August 2 and I must admit, I'm looking forward to it.  I love her boho-glam style and think she's pretty spot on most of the time.  I'm also really interested to see if or how her style changes now that she's a new mom.

I've been feeling a little fashion deprived lately, despite my efforts to wear all of my closet this summer and not just my comfy tanks and flip flops.  These images from Rachel's latest Resort 2012 collection are just what I need to lift my summer fashion-lovin' spirit.  What do you think?

These last two are my absolute favorites.  I'd wear them in a heartbeat!  How about you?  Any of them speaking to you today?

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments and encouragement the past few days.  I adore my fellow peaches!

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  1. I'm so fashion deprived these days too...all my clothes are covered in either baby drool or baby food...I absolutely LOVE Rachel's collection - I would wear each and every piece!

  2. Hmm, not a fan of her resort collection honestly. Hate to say that, but it just feels like i've seen these looks before from her.

    But i can. not. wait. for the new season. For the next month you'll here me utter "Ba-nanas" and "Shut It Down" with annoying frequency in preparation. Somebody lie to me convincingly that Brad will come crawling back to her & be on the show, if only to trash the crap out of Taylor....

    Have a great trip, congrats on the new precious niece & enjoy spending time with family! Your boys will have a blast with Dad while you're away i'm sure.

  3. They are all speaking to me! I LOVE Rachel and can't wait for the new season of her show to start. Her tailored suits are my favorite! So timeless...

  4. I love her style - I'm excited for the new season too :) That white dress in the top right is something I would love to have for the summer!

  5. Yes--I love love love her style. That white dress is gorgeous.

  6. I love the short white dress! It's brilliant... plus I'm convinced my legs are my only good body part, so i try to show them off! ha ha.

  7. Those last tow are also my fave. I just love her show and I'm so excited for this season too!

  8. such great pieces, I want to be in them now!
    xoxo emily