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Feeling Crabby

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I'm fresh back from my trip to Maryland where I had such a great time catching up with my sister, snuggling my new niece and having my first ever Maryland crab cake from here.  By the way, they ship fresh cakes via FedEx for all you crab lovers out there!

My sister is a wonderful mommy already and the baby is oh so sweet.  When I came home to my own 15 month old "baby," he looked like a giant!  I swear he doubled in size while I was away.  The boys did great in the care of my husband but I sure did miss them!  

Hope ya'll enjoyed your weekend and thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Arent the crabcakes waaaaay better up here? They dont put all that breading on there, its actually just gets in the way, huh??? Glad you had a great time.

  2. Small world...I was in Maryland last week not far from you. I have family in Bel Air and then we went to Ocean City and Bethany Beach, DE. We had our share of crabs!

  3. Ohhhh yum!!! I would love to have a fresh Maryland crabcake!

  4. Sara-Wow, it is a small world! The farmer's market we went to was in downtown Bel Air.
    Carol, Mallorie-The crab cake was so good and HUGE! It was a meal in itself for sure.