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Weekend of Firsts

This weekend was busy as ever and full of some fun "firsts" for our family.  Saturday was one of those days where we packed in as much as we could starting with Luke's last T-ball game of the season.  Afterwards, he received his first set of trophies of which he is so very, very proud.  I think he has slept with them every night since.

After the T-ball game, we took him to his first ever concert by the Imagination Movers  Any other mom's out there love these guys?  They're like the Beastie Boys for preschoolers.  I was so impressed by their show and it's always an awesome feeling to see your child having so much fun!  The guys kept the kids on their feet and interacted with them a lot.  Luke got to shake hands with Mover Dave which was quite a highlight for him.   He also got his first tour t-shirt... a must.

After the concert, we went to our favorite date place, Pinkberry.  It was my husband's first time at Pinkberry and I think he's now officially a fan!  I had the Lychee flavor while my husband and Luke both went with the Original.  Here's our yummy creations...or what's left of them!

I also had endive for the first time this weekend.  I stuffed the leaves with chicken, red peppers and a Dijon vinaigrette but I must admit...I was not a fan.  Anyone else out there not like endive?  I found it too bitter but maybe I just picked some bad ones?  I'm not sharing the recipe on the blog because it's just not good enough for ya'll! I promise to only share my favorites here.  There's nothing worse than trying a recipe posted on a blog only for it to turn out less than great.  Who has time for that?

On Sunday, we kept it classy and filled up the $10 plastic pool on the back deck for the first time this year.  Worth every penny!  I did my nails and folded a basket of laundry while the kiddos splashed around and cooled off.

I also thought I'd share some garden photos with ya'll.  Here are my lilies going strong after being divided last year!

And my first pink hydrangea bloom from a plant that was rooted from my sister's yard.  Must plant more hydrangea....I love them so.

And here's little man Jett having fun with a giant plastic ball.  It's all about the cheap entertainment folks.

 Thanks for checking in today.  Did you enjoy any fun "firsts" this weekend?


  1. Love me some Pinkberry! Have you swirled mango & pomegranate together? Dear Lord. So stinkin good.

    We have a store here just a couple blocks from our house. I'm envisioning a future problem with my waistline if hubs & i continue to saunter up to Pinkberry after supper this summer...

    Your dwarf lilies & hydrangeas are beautiful! Both flowers are the best part of "Sprummer" imo :)

  2. I see endives a lot on the food channel but I've never had them. Beautiful flowers too!

  3. That's a weekend full of fun firsts. I've yet to try Pinkberry; I need to tear myself away from I Heart Yogurt to try it. And I think I like endive when it's not such a star in the if it's chopped up w/ other lettuces.

    Hmmmmm...maybe not quite a first but for the first time in a long time, I found enough time to watch a 5 hour mini-series, Mildred Pierce.

  4. What a fun weekend! I'm with you on the endive. It's definitely an acquired taste. I've found that I can tolerate it only if the topping is fabulous!

  5. I am also nixing the endive - had it once also in a chicken dish and felt like I had just swallowed an original tylenol pill - ew! Your lillies are AWESOME! I want to move mine into a more sunny spot as I think that is what they crave. I still cannot get over your PINK hydrangea - so pretty! My blue ones are incredibly thirsty this time of year. I have been cutting the blooms and sticking them in a vase....they perk up instantly.