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Easter 2011

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Does anyone else feel the need to pack as much as possible into these beautiful spring weekends?  My weekend flew by with a whirlwind of activity that has me looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

We relaxed on Good Friday with some legos on the back deck, some yardwork, a date at Pinkberry and a fish dinner.  I planted some ranunculus bulbs and a Lady Banks' Rose which I'm hoping to train to grow up our pergola.  Have any gardening tips on these?  

I woke up early on Saturday and despite the light mist, I headed out to pick up several tomato plants and some fresh mozzarella at the local farmer's market.  I then raced home to take the family to the Touch-a-Truck festival, which is heaven for little boys.  They get to be hands on with all their favorite trucks, climbing in the cabs, beeping horns, etc.  Do you have this in your area?  

As soon as I got home, I trucked out to Douglasville with my older sister to a baby shower for one of our favorite college friends.  Of course I loved seeing some of my favorite gal pals and the commute there and back with my sister left me smiling the rest of the day.  We rarely get to catch up without our kiddos interrupting our conversation.  Love that.

Easter was so special this year since it was a first for Jett.  Luke woke us up screaming "The easter bunny really came mommy and he brought just what I ordered online!"  Jett's favorite Easter surprise was most definitely the pinwheel.  Mesmerized.  

After a beautiful church service, we enjoyed a yummy lunch and easter egg hunt at my sister's house.  I brought a corn pudding dish that I can't wait to share with you all later this week.  And just when I thought we couldn't fit anything else in, we stopped by my cousin's home to wish her son a happy 16th birthday!   

So, I'm curious what keeps you busy on these lovely spring weekends?  Are you a traveler, gardener, runner, crafter?  Leave me a comment and say hello.  

Hope you enjoyed Easter weekend whatever you did!


  1. I bought a Lady Banks rose from Monrovia this season too. Aren't they gorgeous?? Yellow roses are traditionally difficult to cultivate but i'm hoping this beauty will be different. I've read that they are fast growers & require good waterings. Can't wait to see it flourish!

    So glad you had a happy Easter with family. Have a great week!

  2. Love your Easter Weekend recap.. We were at the Farmers Market too, wish we would have bumped into you. We've been busy with family in town, planting flowers, yard work, herb garden, and breaking in a new set of adirondack chairs on the deck. See you soon!

  3. You know that bird's nest in my Gardenia bush - it is a cardinals! I peeked in there yesterday evening and saw the taupe colored mama with her bright orange beak just peering back at me. I am pretty sure she is a Southern Peach too, because she snapped at me and said, "Mind your manners, missy! Can you please give me some privacy?!" How cool that we saw the Robin's nest too!?!?

  4. Happy Easter to you all too! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  5. Our Touch A Truck starts in May! Those boys are 100% southern cuteness. Happy Easter!

  6. Good afternoon from Tokyo!

    Oh it sounds like you've been a busy little bee all weekend. I know you enjoyed it, though, especially those moments spent with your family.

    Enjoy your week and warmer weather ahead!



  7. Your boys are adorable and you look gorgeous! Sounds like a perfect Easter! I like to garden and cook, wish I was craftier but I don't have the patience!