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Sunny Baby Shower

So remember when I told you I was going to be an aunt again soon?  Well, this past weekend we got to finally do some celebrating in anticipation of the arrival of my future niece or nephew.  After spending some time with my sister in person, I'm gonna throw my guess out to the world....I'm thinking it's a girl.

I was so honored to host this party for my little sister.  With the help of my older sister, mom and dear husband (who kept all the kids entertained outside all day), we pulled off a lovely, sunny party that was so much fun.

One of the big hits was the banana bread that I made last week and froze until the shower.

No respectable southern baby shower is complete without chicken salad croissants. 

Some homemade spinach quiche.

The flatware and paper napkin combo held together sweetly with a wooden pin.  A gameday idea!

A cake from the Publix bakery, a special request from the mommy to be!

You know me, I love my accessories and I thought these Golden Double Stuffed Oreos covered in white chocolate complimented the cake nicely.  Just like a bad fake Fendi, I refer to these creations as my French Macaron knockoffs.  One day when I can actually cook without children underneath my feet, I'll try my hand at the real thing!

A few simple arrangements of yellow spider mums filled the house.

We also decorated with some fresh cut forsythia from my sisters yard.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I can't wait to do a feature on her spring garden for ya'll!


My sisters and I ...the best friends a girl could wish for!

I also captured this shot of my glowing little sis during her visit to GA.  Isn't she beautiful?

I hope your week is filled with love and light.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with me today.


  1. Looks like a total blast...and I for one think that your French Macaron 'knockoffs' are just lovely!! ;)

  2. Amy, the shower turned out beautifully!!! I love the way you carried out the yellow color theme through flowers, food, etc. :)

    Neat idea for the faux macarons. I'm definitely going to remember that one. When you want to make some french macarons, please let me know. Lauren and I have tried a few batches and I have some good links with lots of tips. I had no idea they were so labor-intensive, but they are amazing when you're done.

  3. Thank you so much for your compliments! Meg, I will be hitting you up for your tips on making French macarons.