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Sunday Best

Boudicca short dress
$1,920 -

Yves Saint Laurent high heels
$995 -

Fendi handbag
795 EUR -

Gerard Yosca turquoise bead necklace
$175 -

Retro sunglass
298 EUR -


  1. Good afternoon from Hong Kong!

    I am so happy to have a few days to be on the internet for more than several moments so I can say hello to some of my favorite gals in the blogosphere!

    I just love your "Sunday Best" posts (have I mentioned this before?) but this dress just had me at hello meyer lemon merengue pie. Eldest and I are having a few dresses made by our tailor at Sam's and this one is begging to be added to the list. The cut, the color, the draping of the pleats...lovley and elegant, but compeltely chic with that vibrant shade of yellow.

    As always, thank you for sharing. I hope you and your family are well!