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(Not Quite) Perfect Red Velvet

This is not a perfect post, hence the title.

Sometimes (or a lot of times) recipes don't turn out like we envision.  It might be good and look pretty, but not quite perfect. 

A few weeks ago I made the above red velvet cupcakes for my brother-in-laws birthday.  It was my first attempt at "from scratch" cupcakes, meaning no help from my good friends Betty or Duncan.  I used this recipe and as many of the reviews state, they turned out a little too oily.  You can see how the white liners soaked up a lot of the oil if you look closely at my photo.   While they got good reviews at the party and were eaten up quickly, they weren't quite perfect.  Now don't let this post lead you to think that I am a perfectionist because I am not!  But, if I'm gonna throw down some calories, I want them to be pretty perfect.

This week, I'm attempting another round of these Southern classics using her recipe which calls for butter instead of oil.  I'm hoping for better results and if I fail, I shall try again....and again...and again, until I reach perfection.  I don't give up easily.

Do you have a favorite tried and true recipe for red velvet cake or cupcakes?  For more red velvet cooking and craft inspiration, check out this recent feature.


  1. Those look absolutely delicious. Red velvet is one of my favorite (if not absolute favorite) cake! I used to work at a cupcake bakery, and still never tired of these little treats. xo


  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Oh, how I miss red velvet...everything! The Japanese don't have buttermilk so true red velvet cupcakes are impossible to make (unless you want to make your own buttermilk). Your cupcakes look divine and I bet they tasted just as good as they look!

    I want to point you in the direction of a brilliant cook from "Patent and the Pantry". I've made her from scratch desserts~including her pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting~and her recipes are FLAWLESS. They will come out the same way every single time and taste beyond perfectiion!

    You can always feel confident that no matter what you prepare from this site, the meal will turn out beautifully. By the by, she also has a recipe for a red velvet cake!

    Again, I bemoan our lack of buttermilk.

    I cannot wait to see how your next recipe turns out!

    A lovely weekend to you and yours...



  3. Oh I love red velvet cake! We don't have a lot of southern restaurants here in Seattle (my mom is from Memphis) but there is one that is just outstanding! And they have a great red velvet cake.

  4. I'd take these over roses on Mother's Day! I want to try my hand at the 2nd recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amy...I love your blog and just had sometime tonight to wander through it!! Just found this post and I LOVE red velvet cake! My Grannie makes the absolute best.. I have tried to copy it but it never comes out like hers! :) In fact, she gave one to us as a Christmas gift last year. I hoarded it in the freezer for a bit before I finally took it out and shared it with friends!!

  6. Allison,

    I've come to accept the fact that I may be a grandma before I finally perfect my recipe. Gonna keep trying and I'll let you know when I get closer to perfect :)