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Superbowl Hangover

We had a small party of sorts for the game this weekend.  Being that my mom is a Pittsburgh native, she routes for the Steelers as does all 582 of my family members who live in PA.  (Maybe that number is an exaggeration, but it's pretty close.)  I'm on salt overload from all the nachos my husband insisted on making.  It's kinda his Superbowl tradition.  Apparently, it's also tradition that a man have seven bags of chips on hand during the biggest football game of the year.

My sister (also born in PA) came with her Steelers bling compliments of a care package sent by one of our cousins.  Thanks Chris!

This was my idea of decorating in black and gold.  Spring, we miss you.

Some black and gold brownies for the kids.  (And the adults too...who am I kidding?)  So good and made with Godiva chocolate.  I just packaged up the leftovers to go to my husband's office tomorrow and labeled them "Loser Brownies."

And even though the Steelers lost, I got a new gold sweater from my mom out of the deal.  Thanks Mom!  You're the best.  Sorry the Steelers lost...maybe next time!

How was your weekend fellow peaches?  


  1. those brownies look divine and you look so pretty! ps love dolly parton too and that quote:)

  2. Thank you so're so sweet. Once in a while I pull it together!