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Purple Passion at the Oscars

Finally, purple is making it's way to the red carpet!  I love purple.  My bridesmaids wore it seven years ago and they all looked stunning despite their different hair colors and complexions. 

I must say my favorite for the night was Cate Blanchett in Givency.  Pure perfection from head to toe.  I thought the neckline on Mila Kunis was a bit low and distracting but overall the dress was gorgeous.  Scarlett never disappoints and is always sultry but I would have liked to see her hair a little more "done"  and her makeup less shiny. 

Other "non-purple" favorites were Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein and Michelle Williams in Chanel.

I can't wait to hear more from her and get her feedback on the glamorous event.

Who were you best dressed picks for the evening?


  1. It's so funny...I didn't like Cate's dress on TV but it looks so nice when I see it today from a distance in pictures. She always looks so perfect to me. I wish I was blown away by at least 1 person but I feel like a lot of them played it very safe.

  2. Im so over the "smoky eye". Its so Jersey!! Which I am NOT!