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Belle of the Ball

I missed the actual Golden Globes but you know I never miss a fashion recap!  Did anyone notice who was wearing one of my top picks?  None other than Catherine herself!  Doesn't she look divine?

My blogger friend Kate and I both thought Catherine looked like a modern day Scarlett O'Hara.  Fiddle-dee-dee! Kate has a side by side comparison of Catherine and Scarlett on her blog Southern Belle Simple.  If you have a free minute this weekend, stop over and say hi to her.  She is such a doll and a true southern belle, always ladylike and gracious.  


  1. She did look like the modern day SO'H! She's so pretty. I do have an insiders tid-bit on of my old bosses had a very good friend who was Catherine's assistant at one time and she confirmed Catherine is really 10 years older than she claims. Hmmmmmm....Anyway, I loved when Michael Douglas got a standing ovation and that he's on the road to recovery!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Interesting Tiffany! Either way, she still looks fantastic and yes, I'm very happy Mr. Douglas is doing better. He is one of my favorite actors!

  3. You are sweet to say such things about me dearie....As for Tiff's comment above....hmmm I'm intrigued! Lying about your age in Hollywood? Who'd have thunk it? tee hee...xoxo