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Displaying Christmas Cards

I must have made some enemies in 2010 because I don't have near as many Christmas cards as previous years...yet...OR....maybe some of you are just behind a bit like I was! We'll go with the latter theory.

I adore having all my friends and family "with me" at Christmas time. I surround our floor to ceiling windows in the living room with Christmas cards, and for you over-achievers who get your cards out the day after Thanksgiving, you'll be happy to know that you get prime real estate right in the middle of the window frame, at eye level!

I save most photo cards each year because it's so fun to look back and see how people and families grow. However, I'm always at a loss on how to display such a large quantity of cards so I've settled for a wooden box. Clever, I know.

I've always loved how my sister displays her cards from years past.  She punches a small hole in each card and makes a massive photo garland.  She then drapes it around her dining room and kitchen windows.

How about you?  How do you display your Christmas cards from present or past?  Do you keep them every year?


  1. I keep my cards in a basket but have been looking for a more unique way to display them. I tend to only keep the photo cards which I get more and more every year!

  2. Yay me! I am featured on your blog! Who knew I could compete with Southern Living and other "down home" traditions. I do LOVE my photo garland! I try to group each family togther (and just add to them every year.) It really is neat to see how everyone has evolved. I still have a picture of you, sweet sister, when it was just your hubby and you!

  3. I found a stocking shaped card holder years ago I love to use.