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Southern Cornbread Dressing

I had pretty much let myself off the hook for cooking this Thanksgiving but I just couldn't let the day take place without a homemade dressing. It's one of the highlights of my meal! So I scurried about today making some dressing with a little help from my son who has a new obsession with cracking eggs.

Anyway, my mom always stuffed her turkeys, therefore we always referred to it as stuffing when we were little. However, down South, most folks call it dressing, which I prefer just for the sound of it. Who really wants to consume something called stuffing in large quantities anyways? So let's just stick to dressing okay?

A few years back I tried some "fancy" dressing recipe with cut biscuits and it turned out a big sloppy mess. So this year, I opted for a simple and classic Southern Cornbread Dressing and I must say it turned out quite tasty.  I know this already because I had to do quality control of course.  All I can hope is that they prefer it over the Stovetop that will be served.  A travesty, I know...I know...I know.  That's why I HAD to make it.

What are your "must have" side dishes for Thanksgiving? 

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