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The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, I did. Or shall I say, yes we did.  And with matching aprons too!  Aren't we cute for 7:30 AM?

Here's how we got ourselves into this hot mess.  A few months ago, my good friend phoned me to ask if I'd be interested in taking on The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls  Ummm, yes please!  After reading all about these rolls for months, I was happy to have someone to embark on this journey with me.  I say journey because the recipe makes EIGHT PANS of cinnamon rolls which are heavenly in every.single.way.  But I must say the icing....Oh my goodness, the icing is amazing!!!  Coffee and Maple heaven.  We started at 7:30AM and finished early afternoon.  I know it sounds like a long time but much of it was simply waiting for dough to rise.  While we waited, we watched Ree throw down with Bobby Flay on Foodnetwork, which she won. Good for her!  I'm pretty sure anyone who refers to themselves as "Pioneer Woman" could win just about any kind throw down she set her mind to!

Beautifully sifted flour....sifted by my sweet friend.
I highly recommend refrigerating the dough before rolling it out.  Also make it as much like a rectangle shape as possible.  Obviously, my photo is bad example but the rolls were still edible.
This recipe requires a ton of butter!  About 5 sticks to be exact.
This is where two sets of hands are better than one!  After slicing the rolls and placing in your pans, be sure to cover and let them rise a bit more as the recipe suggests.  I really think it helps the rolls puff up better while cooking.

As if this wasn't good enough....

You then add the glorious maple flavored icing, of which I could sing its praises forever and ever.  Amen.

These rolls are everything promised and more.  Sweet (very, very sweet), sugary, gooey, sinful goodness.  My friend and I had a blast making these together and we served them to our families on Thanksgiving morning for which they were very, very thankful.  My only warning for this recipe is this....Be prepared for an intense sugar high.  It's the only thing I may do differently next time around.  I think you could reduce the amount of sugar by almost half and still have a perfect cinnamon roll.  In the end though, the pièce de résistance is the maple frosting. I could drizzle it on everything.

If you plan to try these for yourself or for gifts this Christmas, be sure to read Pioneer Woman's tips on making her famous cinnamon rolls.  Happy Holidays and Happy Baking!


  1. these look so good. and by good i mean guuuuuuuuud!

  2. oh my lord....these look amazing. i've never made homemade ones, but i just had a cinnamon bun from panera and it was to die for! sorry i've been such a bad commentor lately.....i'm trying to get back on track i promise! xoxo

  3. How did I miss this post??? YUUUUMMMMMY!